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    Strudel with chicken and potatoes

    Came the cold time. You want something more hearty. Offer to cook the chicken with potatoes. And a delicious strudel for a couple. Ingredients for “Strudel with chicken and potatoes”: Flour / Flour — 450 g Water — 250 ml Sunflower oil — 50 ml Yeast (Dry) — 7 g Sugar — 1 tbsp Salt — 1 tsp. Chicken Potatoes — 700 g Onion — 2 PCs Carrots — 1 piece Spices — to taste Recipe “Strudel with chicken and potatoes”: read more

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    Eggplant “Mushrooms”potatoes

    A delicious dish to taste like mushrooms with potatoes! Treat yourself and loved ones! Delicious! Ingredients for “Eggplant ” Mushrooms”potatoes”: Eggplant — 1 piece Chicken egg — 2 PCs Garlic — 4 the tooth. Mayonnaise — 2 tbsp A bouillon cube (Mushroom) — 1 piece Dill Potatoes — 4 PCs Cooking time: 20 minutes Number of servings: 5 Recipe “Eggplant ” Mushrooms”potatoes”: Eggplant cut into cubes, beat 2-3 eggs and allow to postrate 15 minutes. Finely chop 1 onion and fry, then put the mass with eggplant and, stirring constantly, fry until Golden brown. At the end add the garlic, mayonnaise and greens. Separately fry the potatoes and visivaem all…

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    Palm oil, potatoes and bananas are the most imported to Russia products

    The company FinExpertiza analyzed the data of Rosstat and made a rating of most imported products As it turned out, the top 3 food imports for the first 7 months of this year looks like this: bananas (imported 958 tons), palm oil (550 thousand tons) and potatoes (543 thousand tons) Next in descending order are: apples (534 thousand), tomatoes (443), tangerines and various citrus hybrids (349 thousand) like clementines (a cross between Mandarin and orange) and Wilkinson (a mixture of bitter orange and Mandarin), the actual oranges (292 thousand), edible salt (288 thousand), fish and meat (222 thousand), milk and cream (167 thousand)…the rating of the importation of corn (34.5…

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    Potatoes home-style pork

    Cooking time: 1 h 10 min If you decided to feed her man’s tasty and satisfying, it is not necessary to marinate the kebabs, just note the recipe of potatoes homemade with pork, which they will love Description:cook From a recipe, you will learn how to cook potatoes at home with pork. For cooking it does not require much culinary skills. A small set of products that are able to create a special aroma of this hearty dish does not require a separate recommendation. Here you can use any part of pork is fatty, the ribs. Herbs and spices take those that are most like themselves Ingredients:Pork ribs — 1…

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    Pie with potatoes and sausage

    This cake is yogurt prepared using bacterial starter cultures from Oursson-really help out when there is a food shortage, as its components will exist in any home, easy to prepare, tasty and filling. Ingredients for “a Pie with potatoes and sausages”: Yogurt Milk — 1 l Sourdough (bacterial starter culture natural yogurt from Orsika) — 3 g The dough Flour / Flour — 200 g Yogurt — 300 ml Salt — to taste Sugar — to taste Soda — 0,25 tsp. Chicken egg read more

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    Fill pie with chicken and potatoes

    Offer to cook the pie filling on the cheese. Today stuffed with chicken and potatoes. Ingredients for “Filling pot pie chicken and potatoes”: Ryazhenka Milk — 1000 ml Sourdough (bacterial starter culture for sour milk Oursson) — 1 package. Pie Ryazhenka — 2 stack. Chicken egg — 2 PCs Flour / Flour — 240 g Leavening agent — 1 tsp. Salt — 1/2 tsp. Butter — 20 g Chicken fillet — 300 g Potatoes — 150 g Paprika sweet read more

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    Potatoes steamed with fermented baked milk

    Sometimes the soul wants something light and unusual. Maybe potatoes for a couple? No, sweet! And if you add aromatic spices? Well, maybe… But if all fill it with delicious home-made cheese and butter? What you need! Ingredients for “Potato steamed with fermented baked milk”: Ryazhenka Milk (melted) — 1 l Sourdough (bacterial starter culture “Natural yogurt” by Orsika) — 1 package. Potatoes for a couple Potatoes — 600 g Ryazhenka — 1.5 stack. Garlic read more

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    Thick meat soup with potatoes

    The soup is tasty, nourishing, for a long time saturates and is able to warm and energize. Does not require much effort and a lot of time to cook, the potatoes, meat, onions – are perfectly combined products. Ingredients for “Dense meat soup with potatoes”: Pork — 700 g Onion — 2 PCs Potatoes — 5 PCs Vegetable oil — 2 tbsp Green onions — 10 g Water — 1.25 l Salt — 0.5 tsp. Cooking time: 50 minutes Number of servings: 7 The recipe for “Thick meat soup with potatoes”: read more

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    Salad with artichoke and potatoes

    Artichoke – artichoke – goes well with almost any vegetables. Raw, this root vegetable has a flavor more delicate and tender than, for example, in fried. Therefore, preparing raw artichoke salad partner, it is better to choose one that is not too aggressive flavor. Ingredients for the “Salad with artichoke and potatoes”: Jerusalem artichoke — 6 PCs Potatoes — 3 PCs Black pepper — 1/4 tsp Pepper white — 1/4 tsp Oil corn (actually I had 1 tbsp of corn and the same of hemp, but this is a matter of taste) — 2 tbsp Salt read more