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    Shortbread biscuits with Parmesan

    Awesome cookies! The most delicious cheese I’ve ever tasted. It smells wonderful, tastes great, black pepper amazingly fit here, as well as the slight kick from the Cayenne. Very delicious by itself, but I think that it is perfect for dry wine or beer. Ingredients for “Shortbread biscuits with Parmesan”: Flour / Flour — 125 g Parmesan (or other hard cheese) — 125 g Butter (cold) — 100 g Salt — 1/4 tsp Black pepper (ground) — 1/4 tsp Pepper Cayenne read more

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    The “Caesar” salad: recipe with chicken fillet and Parmesan

    The Caesar salad at home — a traditional tasty dish for the holiday table There are many options for cooking salad “Caesar”, but it is always tasty and original with a distinctive sauce, as well as constant ingredients: chicken, Parmesan cheese and white crackers Today OUR WEBSITE offers you to prepare a Caesar salad classic recipe Salad “Caesar” with chicken — ingredients:for the salad:300 g chicken,100 g of cheese,2 slices white bread,1 bunch lettuce,1 clove of garlic 20 ml olive oil,ground black pepper, to taste,salt to taste for the sauce:1 egg yolk,10 g anchovies,0,5 teaspoon mustard,30 ml of olive oil,1 teaspoon lemon juice,50 g Parmesan cheese,ground black pepper, to taste,salt…