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    Chicken in creamy mustard sauce

    Delicious, hearty dish with a delicate, mild but rich sauce. A good option when in minutes need to feed the family or guests good homemade food. A hearty Breakfast, quick lunch or a cozy dinner – choose your option. The sauce is the main component to the plates will not leave at all, no drops) Ingredients for “Chicken with creamy mustard sauce”: Garnish Spaghetti — 400 g Salt Chicken Chicken fillet — 600 g Black pepper Vegetable oil — to taste Cheese read more

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    Beef in tomato-mustard sauce

    I love beef. Husband loves, but since then it has refused. I have been reading Slavic Vedas, and it says that the Slavs didn’t eat cows, sacred they were. It is then to India went along with the Aryans, who moved there from the Russian North. Besides, very expensive beef was, about 500 hundred rubles per kg, and sometimes more expensive. So I cook it very rare, but I try to prepare accurately. This time, here is a dish to be: juicy, flavorful, the meat soft and, most importantly, the sauce a lot. read more

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    Mustard cake “Ah”

    Love this cake, often baked. I decided to try to make it with yogurt from Orsika. The result pleased: mega lush, mega sweet, very delicious cupcake. Help yourself! Ingredients for “Mustard cake “Ah””: Kefir from Orsika Milk (home pasteurized) — 1 l Sourdough (3 g from Orsika) — 1 package. The dough for cake Yogurt (a measuring Cup with a volume of 230 ml) — 1 Cup. Sugar — 1 Cup. Chicken egg — 3 PCs Vegetable oil — 3 tbsp. Mac read more

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    Chicken in mustard and yoghurt marinade

    I offer a very tasty dish. I make it from chicken thighs. It turns out portioned dish. And for the marinade you will need mustard and unsweetened yogurt. And with the help of special starter of Orsik can make healthy yogurt yourself. Ingredients for “Chicken in a mustard and yoghurt marinade”: Yogurt Milk — 1 l Sourdough (Oursson) — 1 package. Chicken Chicken thigh — 700 g Yogurt — 500 ml Onion — 3 PCs Mustard — 1 tbsp Salt — to taste Seasoning read more

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    Potato and cheese souffle with mustard

    Potato and cheese souffle of cream cheese Hochland. Ingredients for “Potato and cheese souffle with mustard”: Cheese curd (Automobiles for cooking) — 400 g Potatoes — 250 g Chicken egg — 4 PCs Mustard (with grains) — 4 tsp. Potato starch — 3 tbsp. Salt — to taste Black pepper — to taste Butter — to taste Servings: 8 The recipe “Potato and cheese souffle with mustard”: Products read more

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    How to use mustard

    The mustard gives the dish a pleasant spiciness and a characteristic taste and aroma. No wonder it is so fond to add to sauces and to cover her large pieces of meat. While the jar of seasoning filled to the brim, the range of dishes will be limited only by the presence of food in the fridge and a flight to your imagination. It is quite another thing when there is a small amount of seasonings on the bottom and the walls, which is not so easy to find for culinary use. We have a few ideas as to how to stop the abyss with a little bit of mustard…