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    Homemade cutlets

    For a long time I have not the tasty burgers. I thought that meat should be a lot of eggs, onions, garlic, and especially the bread quite a bit. Following this principle, I was getting dry, hard, shapeless lumps. And so it was until, until I stumbled on the Internet an interesting article, revealing the secrets of the Soviet cutlets. Armed with this information, went to cook. The result exceeded all my expectations! Juicy, beautiful, delicate, delicious burgers, which remain after heating in the microwave. Share with you the recipe!

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    Cutlets of eggplant with spicy sauce

    Spicy, juicy and very tasty burgers eggplant with spicy sweet and sour sauce. Ingredients for “Meatballs eggplant with spicy sauce”: For meatballs Eggplant — 3 PCs Chili — 1 piece Vegetable oil (2-3 tbsp) — 2 tbsp Onion — 1 piece Garlic — 2 the tooth. Soft cheese (in a box) — 1.5 tbsp Chicken egg — 1 piece Bread crumbs / The breading (+3 tbsp for coating) — 9 tbsp. Black pepper (ground) — 1 depot. Salt — 1 depot. For the sauce read more

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    Minced fish cutlets with yogurt sauce

    I suggest you budget recipe chopped cutlets of salmon. These burgers are delicious, fragrant, delicate and useful. Of course, you can make them from any white or red bony fish upon request and availability. And the bonus to them is the yogurt sauce. Ingredients for “Minced fish patties with yogurt sauce”: Yogurt Milk — 1000 ml Sourdough (the starter culture for yogurt OURSSON) — 1 package. Burgers Salmon (fillet) — 500 g Yogurt — 4 tbsp Chicken egg read more

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    Chicken cutlets without milk and eggs

    Very simple and quick recipe for chicken cutlets. Ingredients for “Chicken cutlets without milk and eggs”: Minced chicken — 1 kg Onion (large) — 0.5 PCs Sour cream — 75 g Water (+ to fill the bread) — 75 ml Bread — 100 g Salt — 2 tsp. Black pepper — 1 tsp. Dill (susanyi) — 1 tsp. Nutmeg — 0.5 tsp. Vegetable oil (for frying) Flour / Flour (for breading) Cooking time: 60 minutes Recipe “Chicken patties without milk and eggs”: read more

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    Chicken cutlets with Apple

    Tender chicken cutlets. Add apples and yoghurt to the mince makes them so, and the bacon retains its richness. Ingredients for “Chicken burgers with Apple”: Yogurt Sourdough (one stick of the leaven “Thermostatic yogurt” by Orsika) — 3 g Milk — 1 l Burgers Chicken fillet — 700 g Cheese — 100 g Apple (medium size, sweet and sour) — 2 PCs Onion — 2 PCs Chicken egg — 1 piece Yogurt (a home thermostat) — 2 tbsp Semolina read more

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    Delicious Chicken cutlets

    These chicken cutlets are prepared quickly, are very beautiful due to the paprika and herbs!☺ The taste is very tender thanks to the sour cream and chicken pure breast meat Ingredients for “Delicious Chicken burgers”: Chicken breast — 800 g Paprika sweet — 1/2 tsp. Salt — 1/2 tsp. Sour cream — 1 tbsp Parsley (Some) — 1/3 Puig. Dill (Some) — 1/3 Puig. Bread crumbs / The breading — 5 tbsp Vegetable oil (For frying) — 4 tbsp Chicken egg read more

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    Chicken cutlets with sour cream

    Simple and affordable cutlets of chicken minced meat and vegetables. Delicious! And the sour cream added to the mince makes these burgers very juicy and tender. Try it! Ingredients for “chicken Cutlets with sour cream”: Minced chicken — 500 g Carrots — 150 g Onion — 100 g Garlic — 1 tooth. Bran (wheat or oat) — 10 g Sour cream — 100 g Paprika sweet — 1/3 tsp Salt — to taste Water — 50 ml Vegetable oil — 2 tbsp Recipe “chicken Patties with sour cream”: read more

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    Chicken cutlets “Petelinka”

    Chicken the famous brand gave us one recipe! The burgers are very good! Share them with you from the heart! It’s that simple! Who exactly is going to love them! Juicy, airy! Tender and delicious! Ingredients for “Chicken cutlets “Petelinka””: Minced chicken — 500 g Chicken egg (2 small or 1 large) — 2 PCs Onion — 1 piece Butter (softened) — 2 tbsp Flour / Flour (or bread crumbs, for breading) — to taste Vegetable oil (for frying) — to taste Cooking time: 25 minutes read more

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    A recipe for delicious “Pozharsky” cutlets

    “Pozharsky” cutlets more than 200 years: in the early nineteenth century, they wrote poems of the great poet Alexander Pushkin. Since then, the recipe has changed significantly — the beef was replaced with chicken, and on top there was a crust of breadcrumbs, but the art of cooking “Pozharsky” cutlets remained art. To understand it readers News.ru help chef Andrey Pavlov of the restaurant “Nikita”, which not only shared the recipe for the signature dish of Russian cuisine, but also spoke about the intricacies of his creation, a perfect side dish and sauce Chicken “Pozharskaya”Chicken — 800 grammleach 33% — 200 ml White bread — 150 graphlib for breading —…