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    Chicken in creamy mustard sauce

    Delicious, hearty dish with a delicate, mild but rich sauce. A good option when in minutes need to feed the family or guests good homemade food. A hearty Breakfast, quick lunch or a cozy dinner – choose your option. The sauce is the main component to the plates will not leave at all, no drops) Ingredients for “Chicken with creamy mustard sauce”: Garnish Spaghetti — 400 g Salt Chicken Chicken fillet — 600 g Black pepper Vegetable oil — to taste Cheese read more

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    Creamy vegetable soup curry

    In this soup a spice and a certain spiciness of curry, turmeric and hot pepper balanced by a delicate taste and pleasant cream consistence of vegetables, such as broccoli, peppers and zucchini. Some acidity imparted to the soup with the tomatoes together with the ginger and garlic gives the soup a rich taste. Ingredients for “Creamy vegetable soup curry”: Broth (chicken broth) — 6 years Broccoli (you can take frozen) — 1 kg Red sweet pepper — 2 PCs Leeks read more

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    Cake “Creamy yogurt with cherry Confit”

    Tender yogurt cake leavened Oursson baked for the birthday of my daughter. Light, airy, and a layer of Confit pleased with the bright taste! Ingredients for “Cake “-Creamy yogurt with cherry Confit””: Chiffon cake Chicken egg — 3 PCs Flour / Flour — 120 g Vanilla — 1 package. Leavening agent — 1/2 tsp. Sugar — 120 g Yogurt — 60 ml Oil corn — 40 ml Cherry Confit Cherry (seedless) — 350 g Sugar — 100 g Gelatin read more

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    Chicken in yogurt with creamy horseradish

    Chicken marinated in homemade yogurt with the use of yeast Oursson with onions, garlic and horseradish in cream. Chicken baked with vegetables with the same marinade. Vegetables took the mini-potatoes. The smallest tubers ~ 3-4 cm in diameter. The potatoes are cleaned, just well washed with a brush and put into the form. This potato more potassium, known to potassium needed heart. It’s a diet dish. Everything in it is useful: both chicken and vegetables and of course yogurt. Ingredients for “Chicken in yogurt with creamy horseradish”: read more

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    Hearts in a creamy cheese sauce

    Do you like chicken hearts? We are a very. But if they were confronted with a delicate velvety sauce of creamy taste, mmmmmm… it’s a true delight! Hearts are soft, melting in your mouth. And all fast, simple, and affordable and very satisfying! Ingredients for “Hearts in a creamy cheese sauce”: The pie — 500 g Cheese (any) — 200 g Seasoning (favorite dry herb mix) — to taste Broth (dry) — to taste Onion (large) — 1 piece Sauce read more

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    Pasta with wild mushrooms in a creamy sauce

    Quickly and satisfying) Ingredients for “Pasta with wild mushrooms in a creamy sauce”: Pasta / Pasta (I have shells) — 250 g Mushrooms (I have a boletus, but can be others) — 200 g Cheese — 100 g Cream — 100 ml Salt — to taste Vegetable oil — 1 tbsp Cooking time: 40 minutes Servings: 4 The recipe “Pasta with wild mushrooms in a creamy sauce”: 1. Cook pasta in salted water 2. Mushrooms fry in oil until soft 3. To the mushrooms add the cream and grated cheese, stir on low heat bring to a boil 4. Add the pasta and let him sweat for 10 more minutes…

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    Creamy meatballs

    Love this recipe for meatballs, often cooked. The meatballs are juicy, tender, creamy And delicious… and hearty! On the site of a great many recipes of meatballs, a lot of similar recipes. But there are some nuances and differences. I hope my recipe will be useful to someone. Ingredients for “Cream croquettes”: Meatballs Minced meat (Pork+beef) — 450 g Figure — 0,5 stack. Zucchini — 1 piece Chicken egg — 1 piece Onion — 1 piece Carrots read more

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    Simple recipe: creamy soup with salmon

    Please close this delicious and healthy creamy soup with salmon!Recommended reading:puff bourgignonne from Lebanese meat in Dukhovnitskiy cake with matikashvili alleyinsider red рыбы300 g bow 1 piece морковь1 PCs vegetable масло1 tbsp картофель4 PCs сливки400 ml мука1,5 tbsp лимоны1 PCs perespa, unusualto kusunose prigotovleniya 1 liter of water in a saucepan. Add salt to taste and bring to a boil. Carrot peel and grate on a grater. Cut the onion. In vegetable oil fry the onion 2 minutes. Add the carrot and fry for another 2 minutes. In boiling water put the potatoes, cut into cubes, and carrots with onions. Cook for 10 minutes. Fish cut into cubes, sprinkle with…