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    Shortbread biscuits with Parmesan

    Awesome cookies! The most delicious cheese I’ve ever tasted. It smells wonderful, tastes great, black pepper amazingly fit here, as well as the slight kick from the Cayenne. Very delicious by itself, but I think that it is perfect for dry wine or beer. Ingredients for “Shortbread biscuits with Parmesan”: Flour / Flour — 125 g Parmesan (or other hard cheese) — 125 g Butter (cold) — 100 g Salt — 1/4 tsp Black pepper (ground) — 1/4 tsp Pepper Cayenne read more

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    Cheese biscuits-lemon

    Another recipe cheese pastries for family tea. Very delicate, soft, light texture and lemon taste of homemade cookies. The cookies will appeal to both children and adults. Ingredients for “cheese Biscuits-lemon”: Cheese (Cottage cheese with fat content not less than 5%) — 300 g Flour / Flour (Beaker 200 ml). — 1.5 stack. Butter — 180 g Chicken egg — 1 piece Sugar — 1/2 stack. Leavening agent — 1 tsp. Lemon peel — 1 tbsp Powdered sugar read more

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    Cottage cheese biscuits with nectarines

    Cheese biscuits like many others, think that another option on the website will not be superfluous. To prepare this cookies with nectarines and peaches. Ingredients for “Cheese biscuits with nectarines”: Cookies Cheese — 200 g Butter — 180 g Sugar — 60 g Flour / Flour — 350 g Nectarine (or peaches) — 2 PCs Powdered sugar — 50 g Cheese Milk — 1 l Sourdough (bacterial starter culture for cheese Orsik from Oursson) — 1 package. read more

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    Cottage cheese biscuits with pear and cinnamon

    Oh, how I love cheese cakes! And this cottage cheese biscuits is one of my favorites! Tender, melting in the mouth dessert with a juicy slice of peach and sugar-cinnamon topping! Preparing cookies without eggs and butter, but it turns out decent air treat… as they say – and in the feast and in the world! Ingredients for “Cheese biscuits with pear and cinnamon”: The dough Cheese — 600 g Sugar — 1.5 stack. Vegetable oil — 200 ml Vanilla — 1 package. Salt read more

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    Whole wheat biscuits with plums

    Crispy biscuit with juicy plums. Mmm how delicious! And whole-wheat flour and brown sugar make it more useful. Ingredients for “whole wheat biscuits with plums”: Wholegrain wheat flour — 120 g Vegetable oil (I use grape) — 30 ml Brown sugar (+ some for sprinkling to taste) — 1 tbsp Drain (number depends on size) — 8-12 PCs Water (you may need less or more, depending on your flour) — 60 ml Number of servings: 2 Recipe for “whole wheat biscuits with plums”: read more

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    Biscuits, cauliflower and cheese

    Delicious and soft cookies. Loved all my household and guests. No one understood what the prepared biscuits. Ingredients for “Biscuits, cauliflower and cheese”: Cauliflower — 280 g The processed cheese (Cheddar, 100 g in the dough, 60 g top of the cookies) — 160 g Sour cream (20%) — 155 g Flour / Flour — 240 g Chicken egg — 3 PCs Roots (dried, chopped) — 1 tsp. Peppers red hot chilli — 1 depot. Salt — to taste Garlic read more