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Spend money only on products?

Say, due to rising prices, people began to buy only products, but from the rest of the refuse. Is it really so?In PERMSTAT estimated that in the first nine months of 2018 the turnover of retail trade in the region — 395 432,4 million RUB compared to the same period last year it increased by 5,6%

Specific weight of food products, beverages and tobacco, accounts for 46.1%, nonfood goods — by 53.9%. So, for example, the team became much more to buy potatoes (37,3%) and fresh vegetables (up 16.4%). Slightly increased the consumption of cereals (14.4 per cent), dairy products (6.9%) and confectionery (6.1 percent). But buying bread and bakery products decreased by 0.3%
In the list of non-food products, for which demand increased this year, fabric (24.8 per cent), passenger cars (22.2%), and cell phones (14.7 per cent)

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