Salt contains plastic particles

In most brands of salt available on the market, there are micro-plastic particles. A study was conducted by specialists from Korea, writes Environmental Science & Technology
Experts examined samples of salt producers 39. It turned out that 36 of them contain plastic particles, with the greatest amounts were recorded in sea salt

All of this suggests that the sea and water are so polluted with plastic that it already affects the extraction of salt. While stone and lake were second and third place respectively, according to the degree of contamination of that substance. And geographically the most “plastic” was salt from Indonesia
We will add, every year the world produces about 300 million tons of plastic. And most of it is not processed, which increases a significant proportion of plastic waste, including in the oceans. It is worth noting that one of the biggest garbage patches in the Pacific ocean contains from five to 20 thousand tons of plastic
Often pieces of plastic and found in organisms of marine life. It also increases the probability of hitting it in the human body
The twentieth century was, without exaggeration, an epoch of plastic. The production of inexpensive and practical material blossomed after the Second world war, and for a long time people wonder what will happen to plastic products after use


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