Salad “Conakry”

Fresh, healthy, low-calorie salad. He’s good at any time of the year when you want vitamins. Ideally for the filling use olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but you can fill and low-fat yogurt or light mayonnaise.

Ingredients for the “Salad “Conakry””:

  • Tuna

    1 ban.

  • Avocado

    1 piece

  • Tomato

    200 g

  • Lettuce



    1 Puig.

  • Mozzarella

    125 g

  • Olive oil

    to taste

  • Vinegar


    to taste

  • Crackers

    to taste

The Recipe For “Salad “Conakry””:

To prepare the products. The salad is better to take crisp varieties, and I have an iceberg. Tuna in glass jars from the firm Maguro. It is pricey, but what he’s absolutely gorgeous, incredibly delicious!

Tuna gently break into small pieces and put in a deep bowl.

Add the tomatoes, cut into small cubes. The seeds I removed.

Add the avocado, cut the same into small cubes.

Then add mozzarella, diced larger.

And finally, the hands to pick lettuce.

I divided the salad into three portions and made three different gas stations, as suggest in the recipe. It was interesting.

Mix the vinegar and oil with salt and black pepper, pour over salad and mix gently. Put the mixture in a salad bowl and, if desired, sprinkle with croutons.

Very light and fresh salad is ready, you can bring to the table.

To thick natural yoghurt salt and black pepper, mix and season salad.

The third part made mayonnaise “Ryaba”, sprinkle with croutons. In this embodiment, they seemed the most appropriate.

All three options are good, but I personally liked with a dressing of yogurt.
Bon appetit!

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