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Potato cakes with cheese. The ones that grandmother was treated in childhood

I’m sure many of you in childhood, being the grandmother, ate delicious potato cakes. Breaking this pie you can see the resulting soft cheese. I want to share with you the secret of making the most of grandma’s pies!Ingredients:potatoes — 1 kg;onion — 1 piece ;flour — 3 tbsp (dough) + 2 tbsp (for filling);cheese (hard) — 250 g;vegetable oil for frying (I Sloboda) — 250 ml;salt (to taste)
From this quantity of ingredients is obtained approximately 10 pies 100 g each
Prigotovleniya to wash, peel, cut into small pieces, cover with water, add salt and boil until tender
The water is then drained, and the potatoes to blend in any usual way (immersion blender, but you can grandmother’s method — an ordinary wooden tolkushkoy)
To shift mashed potatoes in a deep dish and cool slightly
Add in the mashed egg and mix thoroughly
Now add in the potato dough of flour and stir until smooth
Hard cheese cut into long wedges, about 25 g

On a cutting Board sprinkle a little flour, score the potato dough by tablespoon and place on a Board and top with the cheese place, a little pushing in the mashed potatoes
Now wrap the cheese in the dough and form into a Patty, slightly rolling on the Board
To form in a similar way all the remaining pies
In a good frying pan to pour vegetable oil
Oil should be plenty to make pies quickly fried
Put the patties in a well-heated oil

And fry on both sides until Golden brown. It will turn brown degree can be adjusted according to taste
Ready pasties put on a napkin lined dish to remove excess fat
Serve potato patties with cheese on both hot and cold is a matter of taste. And is delicious in fact, and in another case
If necessary, the pies can be easily reheated in the microwave. Try and enjoy!

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