Pasta salad with mozzarella and vegetables

Pasta salad with mini mozzarella, olives and vegetables — a delicious and simple dish for a light dinner
ИнгредиентыМакароны300 g
огурцы2 PCs
Bulgarian перец1 PCs
tomatoes черри250 g
blue bow
1 piece
маслины100 g
mini моцарелла200 g
olive масло4 tbsp
dry базилик1 h l
руккола2-3 vet
spechio ukususwa to prigotavlivaemy pasta, drain, add olive oil and Basil, stir and leave to cool. Chop the cucumber in small slices, bell pepper slices, cherry tomatoes — in halves, onions cut into half rings. Add to the cooled pasta with the prepared vegetables, cut in half black olives, disassembled arugula leaves and mozzarella balls. Salt and pepper the salad to taste, mix gently
Time готовки30 min.
The number персон3 people
Level сложностиЛегкоКухняИтальянскаяРекомендуем reading:Salad with persimmon and rehabilitacyjny monitorjat-Turkish delight with pandukabhaya slateblue caramel

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