National fast food in different countries

Our favorite of all the burgers and fries are not alone in the world of street food. In some countries, for example, like to eat herring, and somewhere in the national pies. National fast food in different countries militarypolice Italy, be sure to try a real Italian coffee for dessert get the famous Italian ice cream and as a snack — Hiking fritto al Kono. This mix of seafood (shrimp, squid, and small fish) with a slice of lemon in a cone is sold on every corner in the Italian port cities

Grisegonelle Greek food — souvlaki, a shish kebab on a wooden skewer. Small pieces of meat roasted on the fire, served with bread, onions and lemon. It is known that the first mention of souvlaki can be found in the works of ancient philosophers and writers
Hollandia, the Dutch have a very long relationship with herring, who left a trace in their kitchen and replaced the Western fast food from the streets. If you want a bite to eat, walking around Amsterdam, then go to the nearest kiosk herring (dozens of them around). It also offers herring with all known fillers

Speciese some fans of the herring — Sweden as a snack like fried herring
Horvatijas remember is cevapcici from Miratorg, which after turned into a Internet meme. While in Russia, laughing at the strange name of sausages and no less strange marketing, in Croatia cevapcici long been a national fast food

Banitsa — Bulgarian national cake of puff pastry with various fillings. Before the banitsa was an obligatory dish on all the holiday feasts, and now you can buy it in every street food stalls
The British, too, like to eat pies. Their national fast food called Corniche mouth. Pies stuffed with beef, potatoes and onions before being prepared for the miners, their caring wives who appreciated the Corniche mouth for a nutritious filling
Aponeurotomy in Japanese means “what you like”. This popular Japanese fast food in the form of cakes with various fillings, which they choose based on their tastes
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