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Multi-vitamins: panacea or marketing?

Are there any special vitamins for parents if they need a multivitamin to pregnant women, whether it is possible to improve the health or better to pay more attention to nutrition, the correspondent of “Social Navigator” told the candidate of medical Sciences, obstetrician-gynecologist Tatiana Rumyantseva
— On drugstore shelves you can find a lot of vitamins for pregnant women, the Internet are their ratings. And whether in fact the people who are planning to become parents, to take extra vitamins?— Immediately stipulate that I am a proponent of evidence-based medicine. For women, there are fashionable regimens of vitamins in the cycle, before ovulation is one of ovulation after another, but their usefulness is nothing to prove. When planning a pregnancy in the first trimester, expectant mothers need to take folic acid is perhaps the only vitamin that on the acceptance of which all the world’s medical communities agree. However, it is not meant to strengthen a woman’s body, and in order to reduce the number of serious defects of a nervous tube in the child. And another important Supplement during pregnancy — iodine
If we talk about future fathers, there are studies showing that when impaired fertility in men can have a positive effect on spermatogenesis separate groups of vitamins: vitamin E, C, coenzyme Q10, but it’s not exactly established standards, this is what is currently being studied. But take, again, it has to be in the presence of violations is strictly on prescription, and not all straight men who are preparing to become fathers
And of course, men and women who are about to become parents, you need to quit Smoking is important, but often forgotten. And all that recommended all without exception, is the vast majority of marketing (except for folic acid and iodine)
In most cases there is no need in taking a comprehensive multivitamin if a pregnant woman eats and diverse physiological

— What are the doses of folic acid and iodine recommended?— If there are no contraindications, folic acid is recommended to take 400 micrograms per day for one to three months before the planned pregnancy and during the first trimester. Pay attention that in many preparations the content of folic acid is 1 or 5 milligrams. A therapeutic dosage and not preventative, a healthy person so much folic acid do not need
Iodine — 200-250 micrograms per day for the entire pregnancy and breastfeeding period
Multivitamins: panacea or marketing?— And what about vitamin D? On your website you write that summer to spend a day on the air 15 minutes with open hands to provide the body with vitamin D until next summer
— As far as I know, no one not thoroughly studied in Kamchatka or in Krasnodar, from whom, and how much vitamin D is produced in the sun, so there is no accurate data and recommendations of how much time you need to hold adults to the sun in different parts of Russia. Moreover, the UV index (a measure of the level of ultraviolet radiation. — Approx. ed.) is different every day, and people have different produces vitamin D, so the exact number of minutes for each person to not be named. But it in overwhelming majority of cases, it is minutes, not hours with no clothes in the sun. And this may be sufficient, therefore, in many countries, is recommended from April to September not to take vitamin D. However, it triggered a psychological factor: if people know that all year round should take vitamin he takes. If you want to take a break, it is very likely that after the person receiving it will not resume

Therefore, better preventive doses of vitamin D, which will not harm health, to adopt all year round
— It is believed that modern man lacks vitamin C. so?— No, it’s not true. In the 70-ies of the last century the American scientist Linus Pauling put forward the concept about the necessity of taking high doses of vitamin C, which, in his opinion, could help in the treatment of many diseases, including virus, SARS and influenza, and even cancer. However, his theory has not been proven. I’m not a nutritionist, not a dietician, but as far as I know, to date, no country in the world recommendations be sure to take vitamin C in some period of the year or when the seasonal rise of morbidity. The fruit is quite cope with providing the body With vitamin C

Multivitamins: panacea or marketing?— In this case, let’s talk about what a balanced diet is and how it should be
— There are five main food groups and recommendations for the quantity that you need to eat throughout the day. You need to eat a lot of carbohydrates — potatoes, bread, rice, pasta. We also need animal fats and proteins: oily fish, chicken, eggs, meat. Need dairy products. Now very often talk about the dangers of cow’s milk, but it is, frankly, far-fetched. However, if someone has an Allergy or other reasons someone is easier soy milk to drink, if someone believes that it is so useful, it is possible and soy. We also need vegetable fats, for example olive oil, but certainly not overdone. Vegetable oil is good to add in a fresh salad, for example. Fruits and vegetables are also a mandatory component of the diet
— There is an opinion that in modern products vitamins enough
— Yes, I too often hear: what kind of vitamins in modern foods! Yes, actually the same as before. Even when potatoes or apples are grown in industrial, they are not much different from those that grow by themselves in the field or in the garden with my grandfather and grandmother, so I do not think that modern products are not vitamins, it is not true
For ease of determining the number of servings of dishes was invented the concept of “My plate”: half the plate is fruits and vegetables, a quarter of the foods rich in protein, a quarter whole grain products. It is also recommended to add a portion of milk product: either 250 milliliters of liquid dairy products or yogurt, or 50 grams (two to three slices) cheese
Important point: all this should be washed down with sufficient quantity of liquid. The liquid should be consumed, as soon as there is thirst, but for each person this amount of liquid will be your. The need to drink 1.5-2 litres of water a day is also not proven. Importantly, the fluid was always at hand. We often ignore signals of the body: going somewhere, overworked or busy with something and put it all on then. The body at some point realizes that it’s no use, and ceases even to hint at their needs, so you need to accustom yourself to the fact that the flow of the liquid is possible at any time

If you follow these simple rules, then the vast majority of people this will be enough to provide the body with vitamins
— Is there any special nutrition recommendations for expectant mothers? Do I need during pregnancy to eat more dairy to get more calcium, or to avoid products that may cause allergic child?— If the mother regularly consumed dairy products before pregnancy, to increase the amount of dairy products in the diet for the extra amount of calcium is not necessary
As for allergies: if the expectant mother she was not on any products before pregnancy, it makes no sense to limit the use of citrus, strawberry or chocolate
Drinking mom of allergen not only increases the chance of developing Allergy in the baby, but, according to some, on the contrary, reduces the risk of food Allergy in the child in the future
— Already know what to ask about whether to take vitamins to strengthen the immune system with the onset of cold weather, there’s no — Evidence-based medicine does not believe that all polls need a multivitamin at any time of the year. Same with “special” vitamins for hair, nails and so on — it’s all marketing, the use of accepting them is not proven. If a particular person has specific health problems, you need to consult a competent specialist, not a multivitamin. This is important to remember not to write off the fatigue, nervousness and the excessive infectious diseases (if they really are) on beriberi. And especially not to try to handle it on your own
Interviewed By Natalia Filippova

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