Instant Apple pie

The longest in this recipe to cut the apples!
Why tell? Easier to prepare.
And if you do not want Apple pie, take note of the recipe of this test and get instant trouble-free biscuit.

Ingredients for “Instant Apple pie”:

  • Flour




    2 stack.

  • Sugar

    1 Cup.

  • Yogurt

    150 ml

  • Chicken egg

    3 PCs

  • Vegetable oil

    (refined, odorless)

    120 ml

  • Salt

    1 depot.

  • Leavening agent

    10 g

  • Apple

    (or 5)

    3 PCs

Cooking time: 50 minutes

Recipe for “Instant Apple pie”:

With the starters Oursson, make excellent dairy products. To be honest, having four kids and having tried many of the starters, I wasn’t expecting anything special. But in vain! Oursson sourdough with homemade kefir, yogurt or cheese out luxury apartments. Words convey difficult – poprobuyte will be satisfied.

This time I was cooking in a thermos Oursson. I love that in this embodiment, the milk used at room temperature, i.e., it is possible to do without a thermometer and additional heating.

So, after drinking for Breakfast, the yogurt, the remaining quantity I cook my favorite Apple pie. This is my wand, because nothing needs to be whipped! Preparation of the dough takes 5 minutes or less.

First, turn on the oven, coat the form with oil, peel and cut the apples. The apples I cut on my mood – sometimes sliced, sometimes squares or cubes. To clean off the skin or not is also a matter of taste.

Put into a deep bowl yogurt, sugar, salt, butter, egg. Mix.
If the apples are sweet, the sugar can be reduced considerably.

Sift the flour with the baking powder and knead until lumps disappear. Usually it takes less than a minute.

Knead can and a fork and whisk with a mixer at low speed.

Break the dough into shape.

Then put the apples and press them into the dough.
You can experiment – stir the apples into the dough or spread it between the layers. It is also a matter of taste and mood.

Send in the oven for 40-45 minutes at 180 gr.
But do not forget that when baking a big role is played by the oven. Follow the cake when it is browned. It is also good to test on a dry match. If you don’t know, then you need to stick a wooden stick in the middle of the dough a couple of inches when pulling it should be dry.

If you want you can replace 50 grams of flour for cocoa and you get a chocolate biscuit.
I want to note that the pie rises perfectly and get high. I bake in the form in diameter 28 cm and I use 5 apples. In a narrower form, the Apple pie will be much higher.

Longer to read than to cook!

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