Improvement of the territory of the Andronikov monastery will begin in September

Improvement on the territory of the Spaso-Andronikov monastery in Moscow will begin before the end of September 2018, the journalists said the Director of the Central Museum of ancient Russian culture and art. Andrei Rublev, Mikhail Mindlin
“Held a tender to select a contractor, work will begin before the end of September. The main problem — targeted destruction of the foundations of buildings and structures, it is necessary to carry drainage away from all buildings and premises, to organize the drainage system, waterproofing of buildings,” he explained

According to the Director of the Museum, the process of improvement will be restored to the paths of the monastery. “Here will be restored to the paths of the monastery will be restored granite paving stone, wherever it is supposed to be a restoration project, work will also begin in late September,” — said M. Mindlin
He said that part of the work, including disposal, will be completed in 2019

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