How to eat and live. Don’t force yourself, just follow the 12 rules of power.

In the modern lifestyle, under the influence of advertising attacks unhealthy “food” to talk about the natural diet is not necessary. Also, it is not necessary to talk about the natural state of human consciousness. Therefore, the absolutely necessary rules of supply, reducing immunity
1. Eat to live, not live to stepfanie — not an end in itself but a means to an end. Realizing the Higher Meaning of life and its purpose, you need to eat only healthy foods that contribute to the acquisition of the necessary physical and mental qualities to be effective in achieving a Higher Purpose
2. Hunger is truth and appetite — logopedic is the desire to eat something delicious. A famine is, on the one hand, the willingness to eat any food (such as after a long walk in nature or after intense physical labor) and, on the other hand, an exact knowledge of what kind of food you want the body (calories or vitamins, sweet or salty, liquid or solid, usual or unusual — chalk or salt, for example, etc.)
Appetite is the result of long-flowing feelings and the lack of their strong-willed humility. Food preoccupation or appetite may also be associated with the unconscious desire to disconnect from stressful influences, distracted by the taste sensations. In a similar way, you might have other desires that are not conditioned to the real needs of the body, such as the desire to have sex, etc. this is Usually associated with mental overload of the modern lifestyle

Animals eat only when feel hungry. And man, depraved abundance, has long been an exception to this rule of nature
Restraint and self-control in any life situation free from obsessive passions and allow you to live with the natural motivations of the body, achieving complete hunger
In a state of hunger produces accurate intuitive knowledge of the body of the product. Food hunger in the short term eliminates excess weight, cleanses from toxins and returns ancient natural health. This power only happens on the actual needs
You must stop eating before satiety and fullness of stomach. Filling the stomach half full, you should leave one quarter of its volume of water and one — quarter for the free movement of digested food and expanding gases

Often, the process of digestion is accompanied by a large energy consumption of the readily available supply in the body. In cases of overeating or food indigestible food is often the situation arises when the amount of the portion of food energy is comparable to the amount of energy used by the body to digest it. Usually in such cases people after eating become sleepy, lazy and long after food to feel fatigue. In addition, obesity is a “shock” load for the digestive organs and leads to their diseases
Reduction of quantity of food consumed by people partially solves the ecological problem of preserving natural resources, conserving their use and allowing them to regenerate

3. As you drink givesyouwings person largely consists of water. And its quantity and quality depends on the metabolism. By controlling drinking, it can have a significant impact on the internal rhythms and the condition of the body
Many people think that a large amount of water fat, and try to drink as little as possible. Really do not get fat from water, but because it is attended with excessive amounts of salt, which retains water in the body
Water is the juice of life. Without enough water plants, for example, wither. Or Vice versa — thrive when they have enough water. Of course, humans are not plants, but their metabolism is similarly dependent on the required amount of water in the body

In addition, people get overweight because of the imbalance of consumption and expenditure of energy — the quantity of food eaten and spent on active physical and mental activity calories

In countries with temperate climates, the daily requirement of the body in water is 1.5—2 liters in the winter and 2-3 litres in summer
By controlling drinking, it is possible to influence feelings of hunger. And depending on individual lifestyles and circumstances can provoke its early appearance, or, conversely, the later the arrival. So, if it becomes clear that the ability to eat will appear at certain times and then no such opportunity, and the feeling of hunger by this time is unlikely to occur, it is possible to stimulate the appearance of it, drinking half a Cup of water every 15-20 minutes. Then, the hunger will appear quickly. If, on the contrary, the famine has appeared, and a chance to eat yet, drink water there should not be. Or you could drink some herb tea. It dulls the sense of hunger until it is possible to eat
In any case it is better to drink half an hour before eating a glass of water or herb tea. And after eating, drinking water or herb tea for washing the mouth and esophagus, should be restricted to avoid dilution of gastric juice and the impairment of digestion
4. Drink solid food, and liquid — eat
In the process of digestion interaction of food with saliva is important. Saliva is an active biochemical substance that is absolutely necessary for proper digestion. And so it stood out and participated in the process of digestion, solid food should be chewed to a liquid mixture with the saliva, without neperedavaemye the remaining pieces of food. And liquid food (milk, soups, fruit drinks, juices, decoctions of herbs etc.) do not need to rush to swallow, but first do a “tasting” of the movements of the tongue and jaw, mixing food with saliva. Only after this you can swallow
Zapivanie food water does not replace the digestive functions of saliva, dilutes the gastric juice and promotes proper digestion

5. Enjoy an empty isotomic need, keeping calm. And when you eat — no need to rush or strive to eat more, even if you eat a delicacy. Food should remain in your mouth for as long as feels its taste. This technique allows to obtain the maximum taste sensations from minimum amount of food. Using this technique, it is possible, on the one hand, you long to enjoy the taste sensations and, on the other hand, enough of the third part of the usual quantities of food. As the saturation of the brain centers depends on the number of signals received from receptors in the oral cavity, teeth, etc., and not out of a sense of fullness of the stomach. This technique allows you to avoid overeating, slagging and obesity
6. Do not try to kill two sauzalito that is done without distraction, is much higher quality than something that is accompanied by “parallel” activity
No need to combine a meal with something that distracts attention from it. For example, with reading, conversation, watching TV, etc. While diverting attention centers of the brain do not receive enough information signals about the quality and quantity of food consumed. This leads to gluttony, poor chewing, incorrect food combinations and overeating with all its consequences
During the meal you need to think about food, about its perfect qualities, the benefits and pleasure it gives getting the maximum joy and positive emotions. Mealtime is an indivisible ritual, a prayer to the Supreme Ideal

7. The morning starts veterane need to eat less than 4 hours before bedtime. And better for 7 hours before bedtime. For many it will seem strange. But for such offers there are a number of serious grounds
Firstly, food is normally digested and moves into the stomach and intestines, only while the person is awake and moving. And the main thing — while his body is in the upright position, the direction of the gravity component promotes easy movement of food in the intestine. If you eat before sleep, during sleep, when all vital processes slow down, the gravitational component directed perpendicular to the body of the person lying does not help the movement of food in the intestines, which leads to its stagnation and fermentation, slagging of the organism, the formation on the intestinal walls of fecal stones, increased amount of intestines and stomach, reduce intestinal motility disorders, diseases of the digestive system, poor sleep and insufficient recovery during the night. And in the morning it is difficult to awaken, swelling, an unpleasant smell from the mouth and other complications
And secondly, the proposed mealtime before going to sleep associated with the actual speed of digestion of certain foods. Starchy foods (vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.) are fully digested and pass through the intestine in about 4 hours. And protein food (meat, legumes, nuts, etc.) — 7 hours
In General, to promote powerful metabolism, increase stamina, physical strength, health and increasing longevity, the best is the one meal a day
No man, if he is not sick or “crippled” civilized habits, will not want to eat in the morning immediately after sleep. Weak demand for food may appear not earlier than one hour after waking up, but she doesn’t like the hunger, which really comes into force not earlier than after 4 hours of sleep, and even later. The next feeling of hunger rarely appears to sleep. And what causes people to be constantly “worried about food” is usually not hunger, and reaction to stress in the modern world

8. Don’t force sebenzile toward yourself is just as harmful as towards other
You should never do “sharp movements” in life, and much more useful to soften the contrasts
If there is a need to change usual diet and to exclude from it some products, it is best to do it slowly and gradually so your metabolism has time to readjust and decreased “pressure” habits
Never need to restrict your habits at once, by hard will-taboos and repression (violence). This approach is aimed at dealing with the consequence rather than the cause
Strong-willed prohibition does not remove the roots of habits (addictions), and on the contrary, feeds and strengthens them. When he acts against the habit (action equals reaction) the blocks in memory that stores the attributes of habit, fuelled by the energy of attention and are amplified. This leads to the increase of desire to eat the forbidden product (like the water of the river, where you put the dam and its source is not dried up). This misguided approach will sooner or later lead to the “explosion” and the eating of the forbidden product in quantities far greater than if people continued to eat it as usual

Habits are stored in memory. First of all, one should act at the level of management attention
If the attention returns to the blocks of memory that contain sensitive information about the taste of the food, which formed a habit (or addiction), then it should calmly, gently and unobtrusively to distract from these units and switch to something else, without a trace of memories. Without being fed by the energy of attention, the information in the memory weakens and fades away (the source of a river dries up). So it is necessary to gradually replace the existing in the memory of old habits to new, contains information that this food is not for you and it is not edible like straw or earth. Such changes in consciousness require some time and active self-training, but this is a sure way to success
9. Cleanliness is a sign bojestvennoe preservation of health is absolutely essential to support not only external but also internal purity, which greatly depends on the quality of food and water, as well as from natural processes and special cleansing the body
Any car owner understands that her work depends on the purity of gasoline, oil and air in the engine. And of course, he knows that the engine is directly dependent on the content of foreign particles in the oil sump of the engine, and its capacity is determined by the quality of gasoline. But the fact that the human body likewise needs clean fuel, lubrication and routine preventive cleaning, many somehow very difficult to understand. They smoke, drink, take drugs, waste life force through sex, eat foods that by natural criteria are not food at all, etc. They have no time or are too lazy. They simply lack the time to love yourself, but there is a time to strive for something that is prestigious (but stupid). But the living organism requires much less than the car, because it is much more economical and he fights for himself. It has mechanisms of self-purification and self-healing. And if he although would not interfere, then change the details do not have many years. But if he was a little help, he will “serve faithfully” to a ripe old age
In the tradition of Yoga has gained a wealth of experience cleaning activities for recovery, healing and strengthening the body, which in the World borrow all those involved in rehabilitation — from single-enthusiasts to the largest medical corporations, cultivating methods of rehabilitation. Currently already published a variety of special and popular literature, where you can find answers to all questions about special methods of cleaning the body

As for the natural self-cleaning of the body, it is necessary to introduce a regular rule to make every week fast 24 to 48 hours. During this period, the digestive organs rest, self-clean and recover. It is better to fast at weekends when there is the opportunity to avoid stressful situations and control the mental state, ie be relaxed. For better cleansing and normalizing metabolism fasting can be accompanied by drinking water or herb teas
In special cases, the fasting may be “dry”, i.e. without drinking anything
If the body is very intoxicated and weakened, there are diseases of internal organs and metabolism is already broken, then you can fix it long — term fasting, from 3 to 50 days. But this can only be done after a preliminary detailed theoretical preparation, and under the guidance of experts
Speaking about the purity of food and purity of consciousness, we must remember not only about food purity, but the purity of the ways of obtaining food. Depends on the purity of the “thin” causal plans of a human being
10. What you eat — then you and estrogenes is formed from those elements that it receives. And he acquires the qualities of these elements

Eat only fresh, clean, tasty, live, vitamin-rich and energy-filled food. Forget about the fact that in the West people with experience have long been called “junk food” (“junk food”), — all these chips, hamburgers, canned sausages, mayonnaise, etc
It is foolish to seek to use large quantities of expensive and scarce and, therefore, “prestige” products. Because it is nourished not the body, and self-affirming a sense of exclusivity. The benefit for the body from such products, as a rule, no, often — one harm
Many people in the world have begun to understand that it is really prestigious to be healthy and strong, look beautiful and always feel good
Driving a diet, it is possible to consciously affect the formation of the body, as the senses, consciousness and causality (Fate). This fact is proven by centuries of practical experience of many naturalists
11. Do not combine lesovosstanovlenie different products is due to the different biochemical reactions: acidic or alkaline. Combining such foods in one meal causes acid-base neutralization and the formation of useless salts, which significantly complicates the process of digestion

In order to avoid these phenomena it is necessary to consider the compatibility of products in one meal. It developed a number of special theories of compatibility. As an example, offers a product compatibility table, compiled by Andrew Sidersky based on the works of Wenceslaus Evtimova, the Bulgarian author of books on Yoga, and other literary sources
Starchy vegetables: potatoes, old carrots, old beets, pumpkin, turnips, rutabaga, etc
Grains: grains, cereals, flour and products containing it, sprouted grains
Non-starchy vegetables: grasses, young roots, white roots, cabbage, lettuce, radish, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc
Protein foods: legumes, nuts, eggs, caviar, etc
Fresh berries and fruits

Dairy products, except ghee
Meat and fish (preferably from the diet gradually deleted)
Vegetable oils and melted butter
Melons and bananas
Chocolate and cocoa (in limited quantities at high energy consumption)
Dried fruits

12. “There is no dogma,” States the dogma pharmaordena regime and diet, should, of course, to take into account all the foregoing rules and regulations, but we should never forget to focus on wellbeing and to be guided by an intuitive sense of common sense
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