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For a fake products will be a fine of up to three million rubles

Until the end of the year a bill will be introduced in the state Duma, is now being discussed with the business, reported in Rospotrebnadzor. He suggests that for violations under nutrition in preschool and other educational and healthcare, social and recreational facilities, the fines will be from one to three million rubles
According to Rospotrebnadzor, the Russian market of counterfeit about 4% of the investigated food products. For some products the violations is more. For example, more than 20 percent of tested imported fish contain excessive amounts of ice glaze, the Ministry reported

What is a fake? This is when, for example, a piece of beef in the sausage “Doctor” is very often replaced by chicken, to reduce the cost of the goods, explained “RG” the analyst of the agrarian market, doctor of economic Sciences Leonid Kholod. While the consumer is unlikely to be able to distinguish beef from the chicken sausage taste characteristics. You can forge almost everything, except for raw materials — a piece of pork will not be given for beef, and of vegetables — it’s not fake, and re-grading, said Leonid Kholod
The taste is almost impossible to distinguish butter with palm oil from the product 100 percent made from natural slimokase bread falsifiziert, adding to the dough of cheaper fats and flour lower grade. And dairy products generally easy to fake, regardless of the depth of processing from liquid milk. “The proportion of falsification in the dairy market — about 10 percent,” — said the head of the National Union of milk producers Andrey Danilenko
Processing technology of vegetable fats allow you to add various oils, especially palm, any products — dairy and confectionery products. Properties of palm oil with the proper treatment is such that it can take on different flavors. And almost impossible to distinguish butter, 100% natural, containing milk fat, butter with the addition of “palm”. This can be done only in special laboratories. In addition, the use of various substitutes like palm oil profitable for retailers — products are stored better. Price is not always an indicator of a 100% product quality. For example, fake expensive oil may bring more income than in the case of cheap. The same with other products. Game should cost candles

“One thing is unclear: why, if butter with addition of vegetable fat is sold under the guise and at the price of natural, it cannot be classified as fraud — it’s also a criminal article, already existing, — said Leonid Kholod — This initiative will be difficult to implement without good legal base”

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