Cookies “Turtles”

Dear cooks, I want to invite you to a tea party with adorable crazy cookies! This molding caught my eye in the Internet when looking for ideas for Hallowine. I loved those “turtles” and I decided to adapt to them one of their favorite recipes pastry on melted cheese! To Hellovino these cookies have nothing but bring joy to the kids and not only! Go! Help yourself!

Ingredients for “Cookies “Turtles””:

  • The processed cheese

    (need a soft cheese type “Friendship”)

    1 piece

  • Butter

    (can spread)

    250 g

  • Sugar

    0,5 stack.

  • Flour



    3 stack.

  • Salt

    1 depot.

  • Vanilla sugar

    0.5 tsp.

  • Cocoa powder

    1 tbsp

Recipe “Cookies “Turtles””:

Put in a bowl the softened butter, cottage cheese, sugar, salt and vanilla sugar.

RUB until smooth. I do it with a potato masher for the mashed potatoes, but you can with a mixer or a fork, and hand.

Then add two cups of flour and begin to mix it into the oil mixture.

Then we pour the third Cup of flour and already knead the dough manually. Once all the glass pour the dough not to score! It should be elastic and not sticky, but not hard and not too soft, so as not swam in the oven. Kneading dough is not necessary to give him rest or put in the cold. Just divide it in half. See how the dough holds its shape after cutting.

In one half, beat in cocoa.

Get two tests about the same amount.

Brown dough roll sausage. To get the desired diameter of the sausage, its length should be 32-33 cm

Next, cut it cubes half a cm

Now the cubes one at a time roll into a bun and then flatten slightly.

Of this amount brown test out 19 bars. 18 of them formed in the manner described, and the latter still retain.

Now Osipyan from light dough piece and roll it from a roll as thick as your index finger. Cut into cubes 2 cm in length.

Take the block and build from it here such a blank (form “droplets”). This billet head for our “turtles”. These blanks need 18 pieces (the number of brown blanks)

Now light test roll sausages with a thickness of a little finger and cut into cubes half a cm

Each block for the legs generated the same way as blanks for heads. Each turtle is 4 feet, respectively, of workpieces we have to do 72.

Do the “shell” pattern. You can do with a toothpick pressing the mesh can with a fork. And you can, like I – mesh for cutting vegetables cube.

Dip the mesh slightly in either powdered sugar, or starch, or flour.

Collect the “bug”. Convenient to collect from pan, but for clarity, shown on the table. Put the billet head and legs, it becomes a “flower”. Mesh and gently presses the billet shell. Then the shell placed on top of the “flower” so that was peeking out the legs and head. Lightly press the edges of the carapace (just a little, so the picture is not spoiled).

When the turtle is collected to do the eyes. Otsimisel a little brown dough left from the first bar-shaped, roll the balls and prilepova to the head. Filled a baking tray put into the oven preheated to 180 degrees.

Bake at 170 degrees for about 15-20 minutes (focus on your oven). I have the first batch baked 20 minutes, and next 15-17 minutes until Golden paws. Leave to cool on the baking sheet!

Despite the fact that blank shell we’re not greased before Assembly “bugs”, nothing falls off and kept perfectly!

Here’s a whole gaggle of “turtles”!

Great cookies! It turns crumbly cookies! Enjoy your tea!

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