"Mimosa" is a classic salad that will decorate any table. For the preparation, only simple products that are in the refrigerator need. The name of the salad was due to the festive yellow color.

For cooking you must:

Canned fish – 1 bank; Onion bulb – 1 head; Green onion – 1 flock; Carrots – 2 medium sized pieces; Cheese – 150-200 g; Mayonnaise – 1 pack; 3-4 eggs


Open a canned fish. Put the contents on a plate, well hug, give shape. Cover the cans with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

Chop onion nicely. Put onions on the first layer of the dish. Add mayonnaise again.

Cook hard-boiled eggs and chop them well. Put the eggs on top of the previous layer.

Grate carrots. Posting a new layer. Cover with mayonnaise.

The last ingredient is cheese. It must also crumble and lay on top of the dish.

Salad is ready! From the top you can decorate the dish with greenery. For better taste, it is recommended to keep the salad in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Server as cake, do not mix together.

Photo: from open sources

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