Chicken skewers with vinegar

Cooking time: 2 hours 0 min
Juicy and tasty chicken kebab with vinegar cooked very quickly. For this you can take chicken, and whole chicken (as in this recipe). Marinated meat no more than two hours
Description of preparation:In our family everyone loves a kebab, no matter what kind of meat he cooked. This time I want to tell you how to cook chicken barbecue with vinegar on the classic recipe. The chicken is marinated the classical way in vinegar with onions and spices. On the side of suitable fresh or pickled vegetables
Ingredients:Chicken — 1 Stucly — 2-4 Staliukas — 30 Grammar and spices — unusualist servings: 3-5
How to cook “Chicken skewers with vinegar”is 1. If you are scheduled for gatherings with friends outdoors, suggest to cook the chicken skewers with the vinegar. I usually take the whole carcass, cut it into pieces and cook barbecue from all parts of the

2. After cutting meat it is necessary to salt and season to taste, then add a few tablespoons of vinegar
3. Cut the onion into rings or half rings
4. Add onion to meat and mix well all. Put the chicken to marinate at least one hour
5. After some time, the pieces of meat strung on skewers or put into the grid and fry on the fire
6. Ready chicken skewers with vinegar and onions served hot. On the side are ideal fresh or pickled vegetables. In addition, don’t forget the sauce
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