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Healthy food does not require huge financial costs.

It is enough that the products were natural and cooking is right. Waffles are perfect for breakfast as well as snacking. Taste of cheese forks resembles cheese cakes.

The following ingredients are required for cooking:

400 grams of adyghe cheese; 3/4 tablespoon milk bunch of green onions; vegetable oil; black pepper; egg; salt.


Crumble cheese with a fork, add chopped onion, egg, flour and milk; Mix everything thoroughly, salt and pepper.

Baking waffles need 5 minutes on each side, after carefully lubricating the waffle iron with oil.

Nutrition expert comments:

Delicious and healthy bowl. Its basis is Adygei cheese. This is a diet product. Thanks to easily digestible squirrels, this bowl is especially useful for children, pregnant and lactating women, weakened people, as well as athletes and people involved in heavy physical work. It improves the condition of the enamel of teeth, bones and also has a positive effect on digestion.

Waffles can be an addition to the main meal and a complete snack.

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