Cheese buns with cranberry jam

Want to please family and friends the delicate cream cakes, then this recipe is for you!

Ingredients for “Cheese buns with cranberry jam”:

  • Cheese

    250 g

  • Flour



    (with a small slide)

    7 tbsp

  • Sugar

    3 tbsp.

  • Chicken egg

    (1 egg in the dough, 1 egg for lubrication of the buns before baking)

    2 PCs

  • Yolk egg

    1 piece

  • Leavening agent

    1 tsp.

  • Butter

    (softened butter)

    100 g

  • Jam

    (thermostable cranberry or any other jam you prefer)

Cooking time: 90 minutes

Recipe “Curd buns with cranberry jam”:

Cottage cheese (250 gr.) to wipe through a metal sieve. That is a must! The cheese should have a uniform structure.

In a bowl with grated cheese add egg (1 PC.), egg yolk (1 piece)

In a separate bowl combine all dry ingredients: flour (7 tbsp), baking powder (1 teaspoon)

Add sugar (3 tablespoons)

Add the softened butter (100 gr.)

Dough knead well.

For the filling, it is better to use any thermostable jams. If you don’t have thermostable jam, in jam to add potato or corn starch and to partially stabilize the jam. This will prevent the leakage of jam from the buns.

Divide the dough into parts, each part roll out to a thickness of 6-7 mm, notch for the dough, cut a circle (d 10-12 cm). The middle of the circle add 1 teaspoon of jam, top edge to take.

Buns spread on a baking sheet, covered with baking paper. Buns lubricate the beaten egg and send in a preheated t180-190S. oven.

Bake buns until Golden brown. Ready the cooled buns sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Enjoy your tea!

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