Celebrate the Day of sobriety: TOP 7 recipes non-alcoholic cocktails

Today Russia celebrates the Day of sobriety. Specially for those who adhere to a proper diet and protects your body, “VM” has collected the best recipes of the cocktails that you can prepare at home and surprise the whole family
Mogitate cocktail can be rightly considered legendary, and the history of its creation had a hand and the African priests, and free the pirates. Mojitos and even mentioned Ernest Hemingway, but most of the glory he received after the film about James bond, which played a Central role pierce Brosnan appeared in the frame with the glass and said loudly the name of the cocktail
To prepare a Mojito you will need a couple of slices of lemon, a little mint, a dozen ice cubes, a tablespoon of sugar, 50 milliliters of hot water and half a Cup of soda. And of course the most important ingredient is lime juice
1. The first ingredient is syrup. It happens when we pour boiling water over sugar and stir until dissolved
2. Ice placed in the package, then crumble with a hammer

3. Finely chop the mint, but some leaves can be left whole to decorate the cocktail
4. Ice with mint and pour into a glass, then add lime juice and syrup
5. Put the lemon, fill with soda, stir, and drink!Saint Clementesotovelez cocktail that will remind you the taste of the eponymous liqueur. Very satisfies your sweet tooth
Need cold strong coffee, crushed ice and condensed milk. For decoration you can use chocolate syrup or shavings
1. Coffee mixed with condensed milk, add ice. The amount of ice and coffee should be approximately equal
2. Pour into glasses, decorate with the shavings. If you have a pastry syringe, you can use it to decorate the cocktail with chocolate syrup. Ready!

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