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Belyashi with meat in the oven

Cooking time: 2 h 20 min
All are used, belyashi fried in a pan (or cauldron) with the addition of large quantities of oil. Imagine my surprise when I learned how to cook the belyashi with meat in the oven!Description of preparation:Due to the fact that you can just send a whole batch of meat pies in the oven are cooked they are much simpler than usual. In addition, they are not as fatty. And if the usual tat are more appropriate for a snack as fast food, the meat patties from the oven can safely be served instead of sandwiches
Ingredients:Flour — 350 Grammargeek — 200 Grammaton — 200 Millimetrovogo — 2 Shtukovina — 200 Grammofona — 200 Grammarcheck — 300 Gamletovich — 1-2 Stylevery sheet — 1 Stokesay and pepper — unusualist servings: 9
How to cook “Belyashi with meat in the oven”is 1. Margarine in advance taken from the refrigerator, soften it, cut into pieces and put in a bowl, add sour cream (20% fat), egg and mixed in portions enter the flour and knead the dough, immediately divide it into pieces, leave them for 40 minutes

2. Clean the potatoes and my meat and my flow both through a meat grinder, then combine in a bowl, salt and percu, mix
3. Potatoes have cut out the eyes, cut the vegetable in small cubes
4. Onion peel from the husk and my in cold water, cut into small dice
5. In a bowl the minced meat add chopped potatoes and onion and add the crushed Bay leaf
6. Will do the test well-rested: one of the pieces slightly and roll in the center spread of the received stuffing
7. And do the same thing with the remaining circles of dough, then gather edges to the center and leave a hole

8. Whisk remaining egg, brush the top of each of them of the tat, leave them for another 15 minutes
9. A baking sheet sprinkled with flour, put on it round, sending the pastry in a preheated 180 degree oven for 30-40 minutes
10. Get fragrant and tasty meat patties from the oven and serve them to the table. Bon appetit!You might like:I don’t want to know about the betrayal, and here spacemuseum sex marriage: 8 working spodobivka a man checks a woman to have feelings for him: how to pass the exam…How to fall in love with a married man, Libra on zodiacforum in the cinema — and 6 real stories about sex…

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