Banana muffins in silicone molds

Cooking time: 40 min
Almost all kids love cupcakes, muffins or cupcakes. and my in this case is no exception. I am happy to bake this treat, when is the case. Trying different dough and toppings
Description of preparation:I have prepared For you detailed instructions on how to cook banana muffins in silicone molds. Beginners think that baking is difficult (especially if it is served with a decoration of cream), but really here we need only basic skills. A simple test the result is air
Ingredients:butter — 80 Grammar — Grammage 130 — 140 Grammarschool — 10 Ramshackled — 100 Krimmoloko — 80 Millimetrovogo — 2 Stakemann — 1 Stukachestvom servings: 8-10
How to make “banana Muffins in silicone molds”Egg whisk with sugar with a whisk or with a mixer
Then add the softened butter. Again whisk. And then pour in the warm milk. Mix
In a separate bowl sift the flour. Add to it the baking powder. Mix all the ingredients

Mix egg and flour mixture
Chocolate and banana cut into small pieces. Add these products to the dough. Mix
Grease the molds with oil. Pour the batter into them, filling the volume at 3/4
Bake the cupcakes at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Delicious tea party!Recommended reading:Salad with persimmon and rehabilitacyjny monitorjat-Turkish delight with pandukabhaya slateblue caramel

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