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American stuffed pancakes to death

In the US, the relatives of the deceased in the eating contest pancakes Kathleen Nelson (Caitlin Nelson) filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the event. It is reported by news portal Fox News.

The contest was held at the Catholic University of the sacred Heart, Connecticut. Student institution 20-year-old Nelson took part in the competition. After she quickly ate a few pancakes, it started to shake and she collapsed to the floor unconscious.

Surrounding immediately called the emergency services up to this point, the American tried to save two on duty at the event, students who were studying for nurses. Police arrived on the scene found a “pancake com, hard as concrete” in the Airways Nelson.

The girl was taken first to a local hospital and then to a leading medical center in new York, but doctors were unable to save her.

The restaurant that provided the pancakes, called the incident “a tragic incident that occurred due to the seemingly funny idea”.

A spokeswoman for the family Katie Menser-Heidi (Katie Mesner-Hage) stated that the competition consumers are not harmless as they seem at first glance. “It is very important that people, especially educational institutions realize that not all food is suitable for such events and a pinch of forethought could literally save lives,” she said.

The victim’s family donated her organs to the needy.

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